What to expect

Like employees, every employer is different.

Employers may offer additional benefits and incentives including subsidised accommodation, transport and free wifi for those staying on site.

By researching several employers, you will find the orchard or packhouse that best suits your requirements. 

Importantly employers must explain all the rates and other conditions to prospective employees during the application process. 

All employees must have an employment contract.

Employers must encourage and enable staff to seek advice on the contents of the employment agreement before signing.

Employers should provide a copy of the signed employment agreement for your records. You will need it in the event of any dispute.


General considerations for harvest work

  • Harvest work is over the Christmas period you need to be aware that it will be unlikely that you can take time off over this period, orchards and packhouses don’t shut down over the Christmas break. 
    • if you have existing commitments for a special event or family reasons, you should notify the employer when you make initial contact. Some employers may be able to accommodate such circumstances if they know well in advance.
  • Crop timings and daily work can be impacted by weather conditions so you will need to be flexible around hours and days of work.

Check out our FAQs for information on work conditions, hours and contract details.