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There is a variety of work on orchards, vineyards and packhouses throughout the year for all ages and skill levels.

Sarita Orchard

Cherry Orchard

Friendly, small cherry orchard located close to Cromwell. Sarita Orchard only produces cherries. These are harvested and packed between 10th December - 28th January. This is the only period that we requires additional assistance on the orchard. Recruiting pickers and packers for December and January. 

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Pure Pac

Cherry Orchard

Join our team! We employ up to 70 people in our packhouse and 150+ on the orchards.

 Work starts around mid-December and ends late January.

 We have jobs for the following:

  • pickers
  • bucket assistants
  • packhouse grading or box making
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Central Pac

Cherry Orchard

A friendly and social working environment where people have the opportunity to have an adventure in Central Otago while earning great pay. 

We have over 400 seasonal staff and have jobs suitable for everyone. 

Recruiting now for orchard roles and registering interest for 2023/24 Cherry season.

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Leaning Rock Cherries

Cherry and Stonefruit Orchard

We are a cherry and stonefruit orchard situated 5km from Alexandra. We pride ourselves on a family friendly atmosphere that produces quality produce while looking after our staff to the highest degree. 

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Remarkable Orchard

Summerfruit & Apple Orchard

Remarkable Orchards is a family run operation that aims to produce quality fruit in a manner that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible. 

Work commences mid October - until April

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Apple Orchard

CAJ is a successful family owned pipfruit business in Central Otago, New Zealand, known for growing premium apples, which are exported to over 60 countries across the globe. 

We believe that people are our biggest asset and focus on the wellbeing and health of our staff, making CAJ an enjoyable and supportive place to work. 

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Trophy Ridge

Cherry & Apple Orchard

41 Hectare cherry and apple orchard, free accommodation provided. 

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HJ Roberts Orchards

Summerfruit Orchard

H&J Roberts Orchards and Fruit Stall operate in Earnscleugh, halfway between Alexandra and Clyde. The Roberts family first stepped foot onto Earnscleugh soil, in 1961 and the orchard has stayed a close family concern ever since.

Producing delicious apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums and pears, our packaging and trade name is ‘Southern Fresh’.

From late spring to early summer we hire casual contract staff for fruit thinning, picking and packing jobs.

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Panmure Orchards

Cherries and Stonefruit

Panmure Orchards is a family orchard hidden in the hills of beautiful Central Otago, New Zealand. Originally started in 1952 by Murray Hiscock. Jeremy and his sister Jacqui are 6th generation orchardists who take pride in providing New Zealand with top quality fresh produce. Bridget, Jeremy’s wife runs the orchard staff and ensures only the best produce is handpicked. Once the fruit is picked it’s into the packhouse where Jacqui and her team complete post harvest compliance and package the fruit for same day dispatch for cherries and following day dispatch for nectarines ensuring that the freshest produce is up the road and waiting in a market near you

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Sunfruit Ltd / PickMee

Apple, Pears and Stonefruit Orchard

PickMee Fresh is the marketing arm of Sunfruit which owns and operates orchards in New Zealand with packing facilities on Irongate Road in Hasting, Hawkes Bay. The majority of supply is from our own orchards, but we also have a very loyal base of growers who enjoy being involved part of a small group who are totally involved in the "tree to table" philosophy. 

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Diana's Fruit

Varied Orchard

In the highlands of the Central North Island, nestled in a valley beneath the snow-capped Ruahine Ranges, is a beautiful Garden of Eden.

Kawhatau has a microclimate perfect for Peacharines and other wonderful fruit. Its season is the latest in New Zealand, meaning the complex flavours and fragrances have plenty of time to develop.

Please note :We are looking for staff early December and then Feb/March 2024. 

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Bayley Produce

Mixed Fruit and Vege Produce

We are a family operated business, who recognise how fortunate we are to have grown and cropped on some of New Zealand’s most fertile land for 30 years.

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45 South

Cherry Orchard & Packhouse

45 South Cherries owns and manages over 300ha of orchards in the Cromwell area of Central Otago, NZ. Established in 1984, we're the leader in growing, picking, packing and distributing NZ's best cherry varieties. 45 South Cherries partners with the most skilled growers to ensure we offer the highest quality cherries for export. 

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Orchard Seasonal Employer

We are horticultural specialists. Our team's unique and specific experience in New Zealand horticulture spans all aspects of the cherry and apricot supply chain from orchard to packhouse and export customer relations.

Located in Central Otago, Hortinvest Ltd is a leading player at the forefront of growth in NZ's emerging and highly profitable cherry, apricot and horticulture industry.

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Cherry Tree Farm

Cherry Orchard

Cherry Tree Farm is an exciting urban farm situated just outside Cromwell township. Our farm is a small holding bursting with abundant fruit, vegetables and flowers and our cherries are the heroes of our orchard. We also offer farm stay accommodation, and because that’s not enough, we grow plants and produce to supply local farmers markets. We have vacancies for 4 harvesters from November - February. 

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Fresh Fruit Company

Here at Camelot we provide a number of services to all growers and fruit people; from harvest advice through to packing, pick gangs, maturity monitoring and exporting fruit overseas. We have it all!

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Cherri Global

Cherry Orchards

We have plantings in both Hawke’s Bay and Otago for a longer supply window and mitigate risk from weather events, meaning that our customers can enjoy more cherries for longer.

All our cherries are hand-picked and packed locally with care, they must meet strict quality standards before achieving ‘Cherri™’ status, this ensures we meet our ‘premium’ promise.

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Suncrest Orchard

Stonefruit Orchard

At Suncrest Orchard we have been growing cherries for over 35 years.
The owners (the Jones Family) all work on the property and our staff share our passion for quality.

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Moorpark and Mulberry

Fruit and Vegetable Orchard

Moorpark and Mulberry is renowned for the sweetest, juiciest, tree-ripened fruit Central Otago has to offer.

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Darlings Fruit

Fruit Orchard

Each year we grow and harvest the best apples and pears, apricots, plums, peaches and nectarines.

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Lake Roxburgh Orchard

Fruit Orchard

Limited, on-site, shared accommodation is available for fruit pickers with use of communal bathroom and kitchen at minimal charge for our pickers.

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Willowbrook Orchard

Fruit & Berries

The Central Otago based orchard produces cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears and apples in several varieties for export as well as for sale at the Farmer's Market. Years of experience and a good eye for fruit perfection have taught John to produce quality fruit that is well sought after here and abroad.

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NS & EN Hinton Ltd

Fruit Orchard

The orchards produce apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums. Hinton fruit can be found in local supermarkets and fruit stores right throughout New Zealand.

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Panmure Orchards Ltd

Fruit Orchard

A family cherry and nectarine orchard hidden in the hills of Central Otago, New Zealand

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Dunstan Hills

Fruit Orchard

For over 100 years stonefruit has been grown in this part of New Zealand and at Dunstan Hills we consider it a privilege to contribute to this quality heritage.  On our 200 hectare property we take delight in growing products that are enjoyed by our customers world wide. As producers of cherries, apricots, nectarines and peaches we seek to create pleasurable eating experiences for all.

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Off Our Tree

Cherry Orchard

We sell fresh quality cherries from our gate and delivered door to door around New Zealand.

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Jackson Orchards

Fruit Orchards

We are a well-established orchard providing delicious fruit with many extras including orchard tours, cottage accommodation and the availability to pre-order cherries.

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Mr Apple

Apple Orchard

Mr Apple is New Zealand’s largest apple grower and exporter, with 15 orchards and 4 Post Harvest facilities across Hawke’s Bay. We are proud to be part of Scales Corporation. After 120 years Scales has established itself as a market leader in agribusiness.

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Matipou Orchards

Apple Orchard

The Matipou group, is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated fruit growing/packing company based in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

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Apatu Farms


Apatu Farms is a family-owned agribusiness. Our operations are diverse, encompassing pipfruit, viticulture, vegetable cropping, export onions, dairy farming and transport/logistics. 

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Ngāi Tukairangi Orchards


Ngai Tukairangi Trusts' core business is growing world class fruit. Located on the fertile volcanic soil of the Bay of Plenty and the alluvial soils of Heretaunga, the Trust constantly produces high yielding, high value, sustainable crops year on year. We have diversified in recent years and are proud to also produce world class apples, persimmon and citrus. Kiwifruit is our largest crop with orchards in the Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, KeriKeri and now Gisborne. The orchard operations core visions and goals drive a continual focus on productivity, sustainability, and integrity.

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T&G Global

Fruit Orchard

Here at T&G Global we're passionate about growing healthier futures. Our story began 125 years ago and today our 2,000 people are located in 13 countries. Our world class supply chain ensures that our delicious apples are accessible all year round - over 6 million boxes of apples delivered to our customers in more than 60 countries every year!


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McIntosh Orchard

Stonefruit orchard

Producing exceptional eating fruit requires a team of committed people that share our philosophy.

We are inspired by the past, but we are always looking toward the future. We believe you must never forget where you come from.

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Strode Road Orchard Ltd

Family owned and operated Summer fruit orchard

Strode Road Orchard is a family owned and operated Summer fruit orchard located in Earnscleugh, near Clyde, Central Otago. Its Cold winters and hot summers provide the perfect conditions for growing all the Stonefruits, Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, Plums and Nectarines.

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Cherry Corp

Cherry Orchard

New Zealand Cherry Corp grew out of a 40-year friendship and partnership between Bob Robertson and Henry van der Velden and their families. It now owns the largest netted cherry orchard in New Zealand and has been involved in growing, picking and exporting cherries since 2005.

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Tarras Cherry Corp

Cherry orchard

Hidden Valley orchard is nestled deep within Ardgour Valley, one of the sunniest in New Zealand. In summer the orchard is laden with delightfully sweet cherries which are ripened under the sun and hand-picked with care.

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3 Kings

Cherry Orchard

3 Kings Cherries produce some of New Zealand’s highest premium quality cherries in the world. Available domestically and for export, 3 Kings Cherries are steeped in growing heritage and prestige.

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Fairview Orchard

Summerfruit and Apple Orchard

We are a small family run orchard growing Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Nectarines & Apples.  We are a diverse orchard with a number of positions available throughout our season (October through to end April):

  -  Retail Fruit Shop Assistants

  -  Thinning & Picking Fruit

  -  Packhouse Positions

  -  Distillery Assistant (making alcohol from fruit)


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Waitaki Orchards

Fruit Orchard

In 2003, our family moved to Waitaki Orchards in the Waitaki Valley, North Otago, NZ. Using fruit that we have grown, the ten of us have worked together to craft a range of fruit products, made in our onsite kitchen.

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